The end. A new beginning. The past. The new now. The old future. Nothing new. Everything changed. No more new. Just same ol’ story. Patience. Rush. Silence. So much noise. Come. You went. I’m staying. Go. I’m out. You’re out. Freedom. Sourness. Smile. Jump. Laugh. I’m laughing. Playing. I’m playing my role in this life. You act it better.  Lie. Don’t do it again. Run. I’m running. Somewhere. Nowhere. Everywhere. Come. Waiting. Not now. Later. Always. Someday. Everyday. Friday sounds nice. Or not. Come. But go. You’re far much better gone. But wait. I’m not. So? Go. I’m away. So? You’re free. I’m moving with that fuckin’ flow. Smile. Smile and wave. Why? Just. Just what?just because. Stupidness. Blindness. Sickness. Emptiness. But wait. I’m full. Full of what? Full of you. Full. You. Give. Give me. What? All. Why not.


~ by embrionu on 19/04/2010.

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