She said she’s born to be wild
And she can’t be tamed
All she wants in life is
fortune and fame
So she keeps on moving
Moving right along
Even though she knows
Deep down inside
She knows something was wrong

i’m stickin’ to my world. i exist. i do. exist. nothing less or more. i can make it better or make it worse. i can make the truth or i can create lies that will make the difference. concrete jungle is in what i live. i can trick or i can be fair. it’s only my choice. i can love or i can hate. i can do them both. uhum, both. do them both. i can be the happiest human on earth or the most sorowfull ever. i can be simple or i can be full of suprises. i can be me. me. only me. i want passion. i want the world. i can be somethin’ else, i can be the devil. i can be the child, i can be the woman that make you shiver. i can make the sun to shine. i can make the moon dance. i ca be a star. i am a lady. a ladybug. i can have blue wings. you can kiss’em to make me able to fly again. i can make love in the train or stop loving.  i can cry but i can smile. i can be everything or become nothing at all. i can dream, have daymares or nightmares. i can be kissed or i can slap. i can be you, or you can forget me.

i am human. make me smile.


~ by embrionu on 06/05/2010.

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